Patrick Gharios ocx32 at
Tue Jul 15 07:02:45 GMT 2003

Hi ,
i'm trying to run winbind on my samba 2.2.7 it seems that i was able to join 
the w2k domain but now when i try to run wbinfo -u or i get error in 
fetching domain users. i tried to debug winbind by issuing the command 
winbind -i -d 5 and i get the error : could not open a connection to 
The authentication process is working fine with the smbpasswd command so 
that it will only accept legal administrator accounts. I'm using Active 
Directory on windows2000 advanced server . I would really appreciate any 
help regarding this issue because i've found that many admins are suffering 
from the same problem too. Thank you.

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