KDC has no support for encryption type?

Ken Cross kcross at nssolutions.com
Tue Jul 15 19:46:23 GMT 2003

> Do you have Samba machines that 
> have been joined to the particular domains you're currently 
> trying to join to?  


> If so, have any changes been made to the 
> domain's configuration since then?  


> If you run the command 
> 'kinit administrator at WIN1DOM.LOCAL' by hand from this 
> machine, does it also give you an error message?


# kinit administrator at win1dom.local
Password for administrator at win1dom.local: 
kinit(v5): KDC has no support for encryption type while getting initial

The Ethereal capture shows the request with encryption types des3-cbc-sha1,
des-cbc-md5, and des-cbc-crc.  The response returns error code


Well, if nobody else is seeing this, I'll assume it's just my problem and
I'll hack away at it.

Thanks for your help, Steve.


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