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Sun Jul 13 02:21:09 GMT 2003

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On Fri, 11 Jul 2003, Andrew Bartlett wrote:

> Quite possibly - running winbind in that environment is not trivilal -
> in particulary the need to ensure it it always cleaned up etc.  We would
> also need to remove winbind's dependence on nmbd running.
> But anyway, I just wanted to make sure you knew exactly why it was
> broken, rather than make you attempt to figure it out from the debug
> traces.
> I hope you can fix it, as the 'security=domain' tests have been very
> valuable, (it's a supprisingly good test of a broad area of samba, and
> automating it has certainly caught a number of my bugs in the past).

So if you install an lmhosts file pointing to for 
the local domain, and run winbindd to allow non-root access 
to the priviledged pipe this should be ok.  The only problem 
I can think of is the name_status_find() calls to get the name 
of the DC.  The actual connections don't need this of course.

cheers, jerry
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