smbpasswd password on the command line

Anthony Liguori aliguor at
Fri Jul 11 15:25:22 GMT 2003

I think we should re-enable the password on the command line but then also 
introduce an environmental variable and deprecate the password on the 
command line.

At least on Linux, env vars are not world readable and can be used just as 
easily as command line.

Issueing something like:

SMB_PASS=test smbpasswd -a Administrator

as opposed to:

smbpasswd -a Administrator test

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Jim McDonough/Portland/IBM at IBMUS
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11/07/2003 09:39 AM

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in 3.0, specifying the password on the commandline has been broken for
quite some time (since late 2001).  It went unnoticed until recently. Some
folks don't want to allow this for security reasons.  I've re-enabled it 
that help/doc/smbpasswd are consistent (well, more consistent), but we
could also just yank this.  What do folks think?

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