CIFS read-ahead

Nicholas M. Kirsch nkirsch at
Thu Jul 10 19:01:52 GMT 2003

> Interseting; Steve French at IBM is also working on sibgle-stream
> performance, but at the Linux level...

Yes, I have been communicating with him on Microsoft's CIFS mailing list.
He has been very helpful.

> 	Alas, what I was doing was filesystem read-ahead, so that
> 	Samba's latency in delivering the single threaded,
> 	stop-and-wait stream was as small as possible.

Nonetheless, I appreciate your help -- these two things go hand and hand.
If the filesystem is not the bottleneck, then the network is a likely
suspect. ;P If I am able to discover something relevant, I will be sure to
communicate it.

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