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Thu Jul 10 08:32:38 GMT 2003

Stéphane Purnelle wrote:

> Hi,
> In this html page,
> you can find a explication for how-to add a group mapping.

I'm fixing ASAP, but I'm waiting to some tests, checks and fixes...

> When I add a mapping, there are one or two entry in ldap tree ?
> The first howto explain one entry.
> In the samba-ldap-collection, is-it possible to have a liste of spécific
> RID ?

Some of the rid related options are undocumented for a while because the 
related code has some changes. Also, the concept  of "account" may be 
clear before any rid question:
1. ldapsam, ldapsam_compat ?
2. winbind?
or plainly:
1. do you have unix accounts?
2. do you want use NT accounts in a samba server (no unix accounts, only 

The  rid issues may be a bit different between several ldap options and 
scenarios (see the "refactoring idmap..." thread in samba-technnical).

There are a "well know rids" reserved and internally used by samba:

You can use any rid not reserved but keep in mind that if you use an 
"algoritmic" generation mechanism may collide with the manual-rid ones 
provided by you.

The scripts in the examples folder, and the smbpasswd command, add the 
accounts to the ldapsam backend and sets the rid for you with 
rid=(uidNumber+500)*2 and primaryGroup=(gidNumber+500)*2+1

I hope this may help,

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