LDAP Fixes

Matt Roberts mattro at cowboy.net
Mon Jul 7 20:56:33 GMT 2003

Jelmer said:

> Apparently, LDAP detection fails on your system. Hardcoding the
> defines that specify whether LDAP has been found as you do in
> your patch is not the solution to this problem. Is LDAP detected
> properly by ./configure (read config.log) ?

You are right about that, anything in the configure script that deals with
-lldap fails because my LDAP lib requires an additional -lresolv to build
correctly.  There is a similar test for -llber, but not one for the
-lresolv lib.

But reading configure.in, I'm not quite sure how to fix that problem.  I'm
rusty on autoconf.  Is that something you could fix easily, or should I
dig into my autoconf book and try to patch configure.in?

Also, when I do get the program built, SMBD complains that it can't make a
domain object in the directory, because the attribute:


is not defined.  Sure enough, I can't find that in the schema included in
the CVS tree I pulled today.  Can you point me toward a patch for the
schema?  Or at least an OID that I could add to make it work?

Thanks again,

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