LDAP Fixes

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Mon Jul 7 20:20:35 GMT 2003

On Mon, Jul 07, 2003 at 03:17:48PM -0500, Matt Roberts wrote about 'LDAP Fixes':
> Developers,

> Please find attached a simple diff that includes some changes I made to
> source files to get LDAP code to compile on my SuSE 8 box.  I have been
> using this host to compile previous 3.0 versions without problems.

> The IMMEDIATE_STRUCUTRES is just a work-around.  I think there is most
> likely a detection for this somewhere that isn't working quite right, or
> my compiler is just too old.  I am using gcc 3.0.4.

> Also, when I run 'configure,' the resulting Makefile is missing a couple
> of items.  I also had to repair these, as follows:

> 1.  Add -lldap to PASSDBLIBS and LDAPLIBS. -llber was already there.
> 2.  Add lib/smbldap.o to SMBLDAP_OBJ.

> The diff of the source code follows.  If you need to see anything else
> from my build for this to be useful, please let me know.
Apparently, LDAP detection fails on your system. Hardcoding the
defines that specify whether LDAP has been found as you do in 
your patch is not the solution to this problem. Is LDAP detected
properly by ./configure (read config.log) ? 

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