Bugzilla #109

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Jul 1 05:44:25 GMT 2003

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Andrew B., Simo, or someone,

I've found the cause of this bug.  It is the call to sid_to_gid()
in make_server_info_sam().  Probably appears elsewhere as well.
When using an ldapsam backend, if the sambaPrimaryGroupSID is unmapped,
we'll drop back to the algorithm is generating gids.

We seem to set DOMAIN_GROUP_USERS as the primary group for new
entries in several backends.  Do we even really need this attribute?
Shouldn't we be deriving it from the primary UNIX group of the user
and let the group mapping handle things.  We can store it in SAM_ACCOUNT
for quickness.  That's ok.  But actually storing a SID that may not be 
mapped to the user's primary UNIX group seems inconsistent with other 

Can one of you convince me that we we shouldn't just throw away this 
attribute value in the code and just generate the SID from the primary 
gid of the user?  As it stands now, it is possible (and probable
in default installations) that the group membership Samba is using does
not match the UNIX group membership of the user.

cheers, jerry
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