Finding group members - fix to winbindd_ads.c

Ken Cross kcross at
Fri Jan 31 22:40:27 GMT 2003


> - firstly, if the destination of this call
> is the unix group membership, then we don't 
> want 'primary' users added to the sups list,
> as the unix primary group should show this.

The "destination" is programmatic -- the user does what he wants with
the results of a call to WINBINDD_GETGRGID or WINBINDD_GETGRNAM.  

If there's a need to distinguish between primary and supplemental
members of a group, should we have a separate call?

Personally, I've always been annoyed that there's no simple way in Unix
to find all the members of a group.  The output of "groupinfo users" is
pitiful.  You have to scan /etc/passwd (and maybe NIS, too) to get them

> - you don't seem to deal with the possibility of duplicates

True.  It shouldn't happen (it *shouldn't* be possible for a user to be
a primary and supplemental member of the same group, but...).  

A duplicate check wouldn't be difficult, but potentially expensive if it
was a Bit group (like Domain Users).


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