User with read only access can deny write.

Ola Lundqvist opal at
Fri Jan 31 11:34:26 GMT 2003


(I'm not subscribed to this list so please Cc: me).

I have reported an issue to the Debian bug tracking system
but the maintainer thought that it was better to ask
upstream. So now I do that. This is the first of three

The description is found in:

The relevant part from the initial mail sent there is pated here:

I have got a small problem. The thing is that if one use
A open a file in microsoft word without having write access
to the file the file become locked.

>From smbstatus:

19717  DENY_WRITE RDONLY     NONE             /home/pathtofile

The problem is that all other users can not write to the file
because it is locked. This is a problem here because some users need
to be able to write the file while other just have read access.

You could say that it is a bug in word but on the other hand it
should really be possible to deny write whily you do not have write

I assume that this is a bug, i.e. no check is performed to determine
if a user really can deny write to other users. Or is this a design
flaw in samba?

If you can give me an indication on where to look in the code
I'll try to make a patch for you.


// Ola

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