[Samba] RE: Winbind on HPUX11, Totally Stuck, Please Help

MCCALL,DON (HP-USA,ex1) don_mccall at hp.com
Thu Jan 30 18:05:57 GMT 2003

Hi Everyone,
This whole problem with the password command not working when winbind
is included as a method in the nsswitch.conf can probably be worked around
by simply using the -r files (or -r nis or -r nisplus) switch.  Take a look
at the man page for passwd on HP-UX 11.x  and see if this won't help you
Hope this helps,

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> Ronan Waide wrote:
> > On January 28, Andrew_Esh at adaptec.com said:
> > 
> >>I don't have HPUX, so I don't know what to suggest for 
> that. I just know
> >>getent won't work without winbindd in nsswitch.conf on Linux.
> > 
> > 
> > I think the point that was being made is that NSS support 
> on HPUX only
> > supports a few known types, of which one is LDAP. The discussion was
> > basically about faking out the system so that what it thinks is LDAP
> > is actually winbind.
> Yep. It's a HP-UX specific workaround. Please ignore it
> everywhere else.
> Michael

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