Adding a couple of simple functions to smbpasswd for Samba 2.2.8

Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Jan 30 17:57:07 GMT 2003

I like the idea. I think this needs to be in 2.2.8 so we can 
really make this the last 2.2 release. :-)

Richard Sharpe wrote:
> Hi,
> If a user changes the NetBIOS name of their Samba PDC, or the DNS name,
> when they have not set a NetBIOS name, their SID will change, and
> workstations that have joined the domain will not be able to log on.
> This is because Samba uses the NetBIOS/DNS name to determine if it should
> generate a SID. There is a small discussion of this up on
> Between Volker Lendeke and I, we have added support to Samba Head and
> 3.0.0 that allows you to retrieve the old SID, which is still in the
> secrets.tdb file, and place the SID into the correct entry in the
> secrets.tdb if you ever get into that problem.
> Now, I was thinking of doing something similar for Samba 2.2.8. This will
> involve modifying smbpasswd. For reasons of code simplicity, I have
> abandoned my earlier thoughs of using 'smbpasswd -L -S <dom>' to retrieve
> the old SID and something similar to set the SID.
> Instead, I propose:
>   smbpasswd -X <dom>
> to eXtract the old SID
> and
>   msbpasswd -W S-1-5-21-x-y-z
> to Write the new SID as the domain SID for the current domain into the
> secrets.tdb file.
> These are not a lot of coding, should not destabalize any existing code,
> and will save at least some people some pain.
> Are there any comments?
> Regards
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