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Thu Jan 30 16:01:46 GMT 2003

This is a resend. I hope that by using a different account I won't
get the lines wrapped (and also won't fall prey to spamassassin).

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Subject: Patch to for Stratus VOS

The following patch to samba*/source/ adjusts some global
variables and sets up the compiler options for the Stratus VOS operating
system. It is parallel to similar code for other operating
systems. I have tested this patch on VOS against the samba_2_2, samba_3_0,
and samba head branches, and it applies correctly and cleanly against
yesterday's code bases, and the builds see the benefit.  This is a
VOS-specific patch and will not affect any other OS.

I respectfully request that it be applied to head and 3_0; if 2_2 is indeed
still undergoing some basic maintenance, I'd like to request that it be
applied there as well.

(It turns out that 2_2 won't fully build on VOS and the problems is that it
is still trying to build libsmbclient, despite the setting of BLDSHARED.  If
the Samba team is willing to let me correct this, I'll submit a version of
the patch I sent in the other day for 2_2 as well. That should do the

** Patch follows **

diff -urp old/samba/source/ new/samba/source/
--- old/samba/source/	Tue Jan 28 18:32:43 2003
+++ new/samba/source/	Wed Jan 29 09:30:51 2003
@@ -411,6 +411,26 @@ case "$host_os" in
+# VOS may need to have POSIX support and System V compatibility enabled.
+    *vos*)
+    case "$CPPFLAGS" in
+		;;
+	  *)
+		AC_DEFINE(_POSIX_C_SOURCE, 199506L, [Whether to enable POSIX support])
+		;;
+    esac
+    case "$CPPFLAGS" in
+		;;
+	  *)
+		AC_DEFINE(_SYSV, 1, [Whether to enable System V compatibility])
+    esac
+    ;;
 # Tests needed for SINIX large file support.
@@ -1081,6 +1101,10 @@ case "$host_os" in
+			;;
+			BLDSHARED="false"

** End of Patch **

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