"NTLMv2 Response (Only)" yields Unicode password length of 78

Joey Collins joeycollins at charter.net
Thu Jan 30 02:57:01 GMT 2003

Good evening folks,

I have a WIN2K system and I am failing to authenticate to a Samba 2.2
installation, which I suspect is due to the weird length of Unicode
password length in the SessionSetupAndX message.  Here is my

On my W2K machine:
-Run the secpol.msc management plug-in thingie.
-Click "Local Policies"
-Click "Security Options"
-In the right pain, look for "LAN Manager Authentication Level"
-Double click on this.
-In the pull-down, set it to "Send NTLMv2 response only"
-Commit that change.
-Now, connect to the Samba machine.

The ANSI password length in the SessionSetupAndX is 24, but in my case
the Unicode Password Length is 78 (this is according to the latest &
greatest ethereal built from sources yesterday).

When I change the setting in LAN Manager Authentication Level" back to
the default, I can connect to Samba 2.2 using the same creds.

I tried this on a W2K -> W2K setup (not active directory) and the same
trace occurs, but this time, the Unicode password length was 66 (it was
a different account/password)!

Anyone else see this?  Does anyone know how the binary response of 78
bytes is created?  Lots of zeros, it does not appear to be ASN.1

Have a great night,


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