smbclient 64-bit read/write support, and the lack thereof :-(

Pierre Belanger pbelang1 at
Mon Jan 27 17:57:32 GMT 2003


You might want to "download" the latest Samba from CVS. Check
out the Web site on how to do this. There has been an issue
fixed in late December 2002 (a + 4GB issue) using smbclient.

Pierre B.

Neil Goldberg wrote:
> Wondering if anyone knows if it is planned, or if there are
> patches for large file support in the client side of samba 2.2.x
> series. I have large files on the windows side that I want to
> access via smbclient (specifically smbtar), and these fail 
> spectacularly. You can get the filesize of a large file correctly, but 
> all the code that talks to the windows side (cli_*) assumes size is 
> 32-bit, and doesn't seem to be using the newest CIFS protocol.
> Any advice or suggestions?
> Neil Goldberg
> MITRE Corporation
> PS I am aware the smbfs provides support for large files, but this is 
> linux specific and I am targetting Solaris.

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