[Samba] Winbind on HPUX11, Totally Stuck, Please Help

Michael Steffens michael.steffens at hp.com
Mon Jan 27 07:38:00 GMT 2003

Hello Jennifer,

Jennifer Fountain wrote:
> Miles,
> I run samba (winbind) on hpux11 as well. do have this problem:  when you 
> type $groups, you only get domain admins and no other groups or if you 
> type groups user1, you get no groups?  but when you type ./wbinfo -g 
> jfountain, you get all the groups in the gid format?  I am almost ready 
> to give up and install it on linux! :(

Just a wild guess: I seems that the groups command is trying to resolve
group memberships using the setgrent/getgrent/endgrent combo of libc
calls. The getgrent call will fail for all groups, where the result size
exceeds the buffer provided by the groups command. Don't know how much
this is precisely, but if it is _SC_GETGR_R_SIZE_MAX (2048), and taking
into account the usual size of NT usernames including domain names,
a group must have quite few members to get displayed.

The "wbinfo -g" command does not use setgrent/getgrent/endgrent.

I have actually disabled everything involving winbind user or group
enumeration, as it exhausts resources very quickly in our environment.

But I'm assuming it would do the same under Linux...


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