pdbedit on alpha21

Lu Jianliang j.lu at tiesse.com
Fri Jan 24 17:31:01 GMT 2003

The pdbedit segfault problem on alpha21 is on the  call "poptGetArg" when
the user_name == NULL was checked. I have debugged it and from the trace
I've seen that in :
	if (user_name == NULL) {
		user_name = strdup(poptGetArg(pc));
the "poptGetArg(pc)" return a NULL pointer, so the strdup got segfault.
This is true for both popt library from system or from the samba build.

I'd like to have the patch to fix the problem.

best regards,

Jianlian Lu
Tiesse s.p.a
email: luj at libero.it   j.lu at tiesse.com

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