Solaris fcntl bug - Update

Andy Thomas ajt at
Thu Jan 23 17:28:00 GMT 2003

  After I asked Sun to escalate our case a few weeks ago, we received 
a binary fix for the fcntl bug for Solaris 8 and 9.  It was not a patch, 
just a tarball.

  Last fall, users were taking 5 - 10 minutes to download XP profiles
with samba 2.2.5, but only 10 - 20 seconds with samba 2.0.6, with
500+ connections per server.

  With the kernel binary fix, samba 2.2.7a is just as fast as 2.0.6.

  Sun it releasing T-patches - T112233-04 for Solaris 9 and
T108528-19 for Solaris 8.  We will be trying these out in the
next few days.

Andy Thomas

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