DOS mode bits missing from Folders

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Thu Jan 23 14:53:03 GMT 2003

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> On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Pagani Jr, Ronald wrote:
> > Why not store DOS bit modes in an accompanying dot file?  (The DOS
> > modes then read by smbd if it (the dot file) exists)
> this idea has already been bitten to death. When you backup files, you
> have to backup the dot file. Renaming is more complex. What 
> does happen if
> you delete the file from the unix side and create a new file 
> with the same
> name ?
> A more elegant solution is to use EA.
> 	J.F.

The reason it's better to use Extended Attributes (EAs) is that they are
moved with the file whenever it is copied or backed up. Of course the file
system and all the file tools have support this.

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