FW: [Ethereal-dev] New Features: SMB RTT statistics and TopTalk ers

Esh, Andrew Andrew_Esh at adaptec.com
Wed Jan 22 14:38:01 GMT 2003

New feature added to Ethereal, available via their CVS. SMB Round Trip Time
calculation. It will be in the next release after 0.9.9.

(Screen shot attached. MUST SEE!)

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Subject: [Ethereal-dev] New Features: SMB RTT statistics and TopTalkers

Due to popular demand, I have checked in two new features:

SMB RTT statistics similar to the ones already in ethereal for ONC-RPC
Calculates Min/Max/Average response times for SMB packets
with a breakout for Transaction2 and NT-Transaction subcommands
Supported both for tethereal and ethereal

try tethereal ...  -z smb,rtt

TopTalkers: IO-Users
Calculates number of frames/bytes in each direction and total number of
for all conversations and presents it as a list sorted by total number of
Supports Ethernet/IP/TokenRing
Only implemented for tethereal right now.

See manpage for tethereal  or try
   tethereal ...  -z io,users,ip

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