Samba + ACL and Windows NT

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Tue Jan 21 21:40:01 GMT 2003

Can you post your smb.conf. It will help in solving the problem.

- Ranjit

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I have upgraded Samba V2.2.7 as the whitepaper: "Samba with ACL support on
Linux for S/390" by Michael Weisbach.
and "Sync Samba and Windows users with winbind"  by Scott Lowe.

Samba is built with these parameters:
Mammut/tmp/samba-2.2.7/source/./configure ?with-winbind ?with-acl-support
?with-vfs ?with-smb-wrapper

I've done some modifications in "/etc/nsswitch.conf" and "etc/pam.d/login"
as told in the "Sync Samba and Windows.."

Now I map a Samba-share in the Linux-machine with  Windows NT Explorer. When
looking at "Properties" and "Security" and "Permissons" I got this text in a
 "This is a share level server. You can only set permissions and auditing
information om Windows NT File System (NTFS) volumes and LAN manager 2.x
user-level servers."

When I do the same mapping on an Win2000 there is no problem to see the
"Permissions" for the Samba-share.

I running Linux under s/390 z/VM V4.3 and I'm on base SuSE V7.2 level  with
upgraded Kernel V2.4.19.

Is there anyone who experience this problem or can give me a hint to make NT
and Samba play together.

If I choose "Ownership", the values are presented correctly of which created
the map.

Best Regards Bertil Starck, Handelsbanken, Stockholm, Sweden

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