[PATCH] wildcard usage in automount map

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at richardsharpe.com
Tue Jan 21 19:33:00 GMT 2003

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Andrew Bird (Sphere Systems) wrote:

> Hi all
> 	I have been following samba-technical for a couple of years now. I have seen 
> in the past, intense debate over whether patches should / or not be included. 
> I am quite surprised that my first code patch to the list has been met with 
> indifference. I provoke neither approval nor disapproval.
> Guess you're all too busy coding.

Sigh. Sometimes things get dropped.

Can you resend it. 

Was it against Samba 2.2.x? That branch is now not receiving any 
attention. If it was against 2.2.x, could you port the patch to the Head 

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