samba 2.2.7a/LDAP backend problem ... bug ?

gnu_is_not_unix at gnu_is_not_unix at
Tue Jan 21 09:56:00 GMT 2003

Hi !

Here is my story:
I have working config. with samba 2.2.7a (compiled from sources), openldap-2.0.23-4 (rpms) on rh 7.3 (2.4.20 with ext3 patch), smbldap-tools-0.7-2. (First server is a LDAP server, second - PDC (samba with ldap), third - (samba joined to domain with ldap support switched on)).

The problem:
when i try to add user from domain to locaL nt/w2k group, in place where username should be displayed i have number with "\" before it. For ex: "\S-1-5-21-13333......" - it looks like "winbind separator". I have disabled the winbind features in ./configure --disable-winbind ..., i have no options about winbind in my smb.conf.

No errors in samba-log.


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