3.0alpha21 performance degraded comparing to 2.2.5

Chere Zhou qzhou at isilon.com
Wed Jan 15 22:03:01 GMT 2003

I tested using the same hardware for windows client and the server, same 
setup and configuration.  Network bandwidth was gigabits.  I built both 2.2.5 
and 3.0alpha21 from source. 

Here are my numbers for a single windows 2000 client, single samba server 
test.  For reads, 2.2.5 gets 120 Mbps, while 3.0a21 gets only 80Mbps, which 
is a 33% decrease.  Writing to samba, 3.0a21 gets a 15% decrease over 2.2.5.

Samba performance is very important to us here.  So please help me to make it 
better.  Anybody know tricks to make samba 3.0alpha21 faster?

Thanks in advance,

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