recursive mutexes in appl_head winbindd_cm.c?

Green, Paul Paul.Green at
Tue Jan 14 16:18:01 GMT 2003

Martin Pool [mailto:mbp at]
> I hypothesized to ab that in NT there is some kind of table
> indexed by IP (or client name?) holding the challenges.  I wonder why?

I found a similar limitation in a commercial RADIUS server I was testing
against.  Any given person could have only one challenge outstanding at a
time.  When I tried to login the same test must-challenge user on two
different terminals at the same time, only one of them ever got in.  I had
designed and written my own intermediary server that could handle this case,
so I was disappointed to find out that my effort was for naught. The
protocol spec was silent on whether this case had to be implemented.


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