Change Notification

Juergen Hasch Hasch at
Mon Jan 13 22:41:01 GMT 2003

>Can you give me more details please about where smbd is missing
>the signal ? smbd should not be able to miss these signals, as
>all they do is set a flag that is then processed inline in the
>main loop.
>Please give me more details asap.
For testing  I have a simple windows program to activates change 
notification for a given directory on
the Samba side. I can then see what is happening when I copy, remove or 
delete files (this is
what I tested). The Samba server is Suse 8.1 with the latest 2.4 kernel 
and Samba 2_2 CVS,
 my client is a W2K WS.

When I check the signal_handler() function in notify_kernel.c I can see, 
that after starting a new
smbd  I get a signal when I copy/move/delete a file. For copy this 
happens only once, for
rename/delete signal_handler is called every time.
When I check the kernel_remove_notify() /  kernel_register_notify() 
functions which have to be
called every time after a signal is received, they only get called for 
move or delete operations.

As I understand the code the actual change notification processing is 
initiated by  the
process_pending_change_notify_queue() function. This function doesn't 
get called when I copy
a file to the directory with change notification activated. For rename 
or delete this works.


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