libsmbclient example compilation problems

Tuomas Niinimäki taniinim at
Mon Jan 13 18:18:00 GMT 2003


I'm experiencing problems with compiling the libsmbclient examples (as
well as my own libsmbclient test programs). It seems like there are some
problems with the include files, as I get following errors:

gcc -I../../source/include   -c -o testsmbc.o testsmbc.c
In file included from testsmbc.c:30:
../../source/include/libsmbclient.h:199: field `cli' has incomplete type
../../source/include/libsmbclient.h:201: parse error before `BOOL'
(and about 500 lines more :)

I'm using gcc-3.2.2, but I'm receiving same errors with gcc-3.0.4 and
2.95.4. Any help will be appreciated.

Tuomas Niinimäki <taniinim at>

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