OT: Reverse engineering methods?

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Fri Jan 10 11:39:00 GMT 2003


I'm giving a talk on 'network analysis techniques' at the LCA
conference later this month (see http://linux.conf.au/). This will
basically cover the techniques we have used in the Samba Team for
dissecting protocols. My slides will be available after the conference
if you happen not to be able to come to Perth :)

One of the most powerful techniques is the 'protocol filter'
method. This involves writing a very simple proxy for the protocol
that modifies the packets on the way through in a controlled way. This
allows you to watch two 'native' implementations of the protocol (for
example two win2000 boxes) talk with different protocol options than
they would normally negotiate, or selectively kill off portions of
packets to see what happens.

One sample implementation of such a proxy is smbfilter in the Samba
CVS tree, or the little socket proxy at

I wrote sockspy-spnego.c when I was trying to dissect SPNEGO and
GSS-SPNEGO. If you look at it all it does it replace the strings
GSS-SPNEGO with GSS-XXXXXX and NTLMSSP with NTLMXXX. This allows me to
force win2k <-> win2k to talk alternative auth protocols and that
allowed me to work out how the auth protocols are structured.

Similarly, I have used smbfilter to watch win2k <-> win2k talk SMB but
with ACSII instead of UCS2 strings, or to watch what happens when
windows tries to negotiate a down-level protocol with itself. It is
amazing how much info this can teach you about how the protocol works.

Cheers, Tridge

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