Kix Scripting KX RPC Service

Barry Robinson barry.robinson at
Tue Jan 7 05:15:25 GMT 2003


Not sure if this is the right mailing list to direct this to, but just
wondering if anyone would know of any functionality in using the KXRPC
service through Samba?

Basically you have to install the KXRPC service on a Windows NT based
server in order to get the Username and Ingroup functionality to work
with Windows 9x machines. This is done through RPC calls from what I can

Does anyone know if you can run kxrpc for Samba or a varient scripting
language that would give the same functionality? Or maybe point me in
the right direction in being able to find out via a login batch file or
similar, what user groups a Domain user account is in from a Windows 9x
based client machine?


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