fixing redundant network opens on Linux file creation

Steven French sfrench at
Mon Jan 6 20:51:02 GMT 2003

In my informal tests against XP the chaining of the SMB NTCreateX with
SMBClose is beneficial but probably would save less than 15%. The close
cost about 2 ms out of 14 ms total for the sequence of events that a either
the creat or open(O_CREAT) system calls cause but avoiding the second SMB
NTCreateX would save at least double that (an additional approx. 5ms
better).  My informal tests to Samba as the server showed the second open
was also more expensive than the close (about double the cost of the 1st

Richard Sharpe wrote:
>You could turn the CREAT into an OpenAndX with an immediate
>close :-)
>At least it saves you one round trip, but of course, you might
>already be doing that.

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