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It also seems that if user A opens a file,
and after a while calls trans2setpathinfo or trans2setfileinfo and sets the
then when user B closes that file (user B did NOT open it to delete on
close) the file will be deleted.

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I've noticed that if user A has opened a file with GENERIC_READ , 
then user B cannot open the file for reading. samba will return error code :
NT_STATUS_DELETE_PENDING, and it is mentioned in the code that -
"this is a nasty hack, but necessary until we rewrite our open
           handling to use a NTCreateX call as the basic call.
           NT may open a file with neither read nor write access, and in
                   this case it expects the open not to conflict with any
                   existing deny modes. This happens (for example) during a
                   "xcopy /o" where the second file descriptor is used for
                   ACL sets
if user B opens the file for read (and SHARE_READ | SHARE_DELETE) and only
then user A opens the file for DELETE_ON_CLOSE,
both open requests succeed.
1. Is this behaviour normal ?
2. Could it be that in scenario similar to scenario B a file will be deleted
by the user that hasn't opened it to DELETE_ON_CLOSE ?
I'm asking that because I had two users messing up with the same excel file,
and it was deleted ...


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