Winbindd problem enumerating lots of groups

jra at jra at
Mon Jan 6 07:33:00 GMT 2003

On Sun, Jan 05, 2003 at 11:21:02PM -0500, Ken Cross wrote:
> Sure, it isn't obvious.
> "start" isn't where the list is in number of entries, it's an index into
> some data structure (coming from the DC, I think).  The num_entries
> would increment by 513 (in my tests), but cli_samr_enum_dom_groups would
> set start to 7509 after the first call.  Basically,
> cli_samr_enum_dom_groups must manage start once it's initialized to
> zero.
> The symptoms that I saw were large numbers of duplicate group names.  I
> have ~2000 groups on this test server, but enum_groups returned > 9000.
> It was because start only got incremented by 513 rather than 7509 each
> time through the loop.
> Another good data point is the fact that it was broken before I changed
> it and worked after.  ;-)

Understood - thanks ! I've applied it to 3.0 and HEAD.

Thanks a *lot*,


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