Winbindd problem enumerating lots of groups

Ken Cross kcross at
Mon Jan 6 00:23:00 GMT 2003

I found and fixed a problem where winbindd had trouble enumerating
*lots* of groups (~2000 in my case).  This is in SAMBA_3_0, but it's in
other versions, too.

The problem was in the enum_dom_groups routine in winbindd_rcp.c, line

  do {
    struct acct_info *info2 = NULL;
    uint32 count = 0, start = *num_entries;  <-- here

"start" is being re-initialized every time through the loop.  It mustn't

The fix is easy - move it to the top of the routine a few lines up:

  uint32 start = 0;

Hope this helps anyone else battling this problem.

Ken Cross
Network Storage Solutions

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