[PATCH] wildcard usage in automount map

BIRD-nonTRW, Andrew (York Rd) Andrew.Bird-nonTRW at trw.com
Fri Jan 3 15:54:01 GMT 2003

	Here is the patch in diff -u format.

Best Regards


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On Fri, 3 Jan 2003, BIRD-nonTRW, Andrew (York Rd) wrote:

> Hi All
>     Here is a little patch to allow usage of the wildcard entry in the
> (YP/NIS+) automount map. Basic operation is a follows; In a 
> automounting environment it is common to use a map like this with a 
> catchall wildcard entry.
> user1    server-a:/path/to/disk1/user1     # explicit entry
> user2    server-b:/path/to/disk2/&           # slightly less work for
> - looked up key(user2) is substituted back in for ampersand 
> *           server-c:/path/to/disk3/&           # any user not in the map
> explicitly, gets this entry again with key replacement.
> I have added code for both YP and NIS+ but have not had the 
> opportunity to test NIS+ as I don't have a running NIS+ domain. You 
> will notice the change in substitute.c. The present behavior is not 
> correct in any share but happens to work in the [homes] one since both 
> username and resolved sharename are the same. So currently when using 
> %N / %p in a share called [test] the automount server is looked up in 
> the map with
> key(username) but the path is looked up in the same map with key(test).


Could you please resend this to me the patch generated by diff -u ? Also,
please include it as an attachment.  Makes it easier to handle and review.


cheers, jerry
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