smbpasswd and euid detection

Craig Kelley ink at
Thu Jan 2 17:48:44 GMT 2003

Hello Samba folks;

For some time now, I've been patching smbpasswd to get rid of the 
effective UID "detection" that it does.  In 2.2.7a it simply tests if the 
effective UID differs from the real UID, and if the effective UID is 
'root' then it bails:

   /* Check the effective uid - make sure we are not setuid */
   if ((geteuid() == (uid_t)0) && (getuid() != (uid_t)0))

This test will bail out if smbpasswd isn't suid 0, but the process that
calls it is (eg, a utility agent for changing passwords and such).  I've 
made a preliminary diff to actually stat() the executable to determine if 
it is suid 0:

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