At least some people appreciate the effort we put in

Richard Sharpe rsharpe at
Thu Jan 2 04:23:00 GMT 2003


Last Sunday I saw an email in the samba-technical mailing list from 
someone who complained that a certain feature of smbclient/smbtar did not 
work. Specifically, he had complained the week before that files larger 
than 4GB were not being handled properly when backed up from a Windows 
system. Herb Lewis worked on it and provided some patches. Then, on 
Sunday, he complained again that while the patches worked for getting 
files, but in putting a 4+GB file to a Windows system failed.

So, despite having other things to do and having a family etc, I spent 
time duplicating the problem, tracked the issues down and fixed it, and 
then tested that the files were transferred without corruption. Moving and 
comparing a 5GB file with a copy takes a while :-(

Then I supplied the patches to the person who complained and made sure 
they were applied to two of the three branches of Samba that we care 
about, and would have applied it to the third branch if Jeremy hadn't 
beat me to it.

However, I was staggered when several days went by and I received no feed 
back from the person who complained. Certainly no thankyou, but not even 
something to say that the patches worked or didn't.

However, last night, within seconds of midnight, I got this from someone 

>Date: Wed, 01 Jan 2003 03:36:19 -0600 (CST)
>From: lelie at
>To: rsharpe at
>Subject: samba profiles util
>hey guy, i just want to thank you for the profiles util in samba.
>it saved my life.  i had to modify a bunch of terminal server roamining
>profiles because i had to move the servers from one domain to another.
>if you ever stop by in the dallas area, i would buy you a drink.

So, while it is clear that there are assholes in the world, 
there are also those who make it all worth while.

Sure, you could counter that I chose to work on the software, and should 
therefore be content with the opportunity to contribute, but in my view 
that is crap :-)

Of course, we could also do with more people who contribute, as well.

Richard Sharpe,, rsharpe[at}richardsharpe{dot]com
sharpe/at\ethereal?dot?com, sharpe\at/samba<dot>com

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