Only from Windows9x

Andras S. Haramasz ash at
Fri Feb 28 19:26:53 GMT 2003

1).On version 2.2.7a (as PDC) during the execution of the logon script
all drives fail with:
"Error 55: The specified resource is not available. The computer that
shared the resource might have been turned off, or the permissions might
have been changed. For more information, contact your network

Here is the bat file:
net time \\linux /set /yes	This is fine
net use n: \\linux\netlogon	This is fine
net use h: \\linux\homes	fails
net use p: \\linux\public	fails
net use t: \\linux\tmp		fails
net use w: \\linux\Work		fails
net use n: /d /y

Strangely enough, after failing all drives, starts copying the local
profile to \\linux\homes (homes is replaced with the user's home

2). On a 20 GB partition I get disc full (using copy+paste) However,
using df, only 1.5 GB is used (Unix cp is just fine).  Could that be due
to file system type, that JFS (IBM 1.1.0)? I just installed it on all of
my file systems, including root.
Thanks for your help.

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