client: browse doesn't work with only win98 in workgroup

Derrell.Lipman at Derrell.Lipman at
Thu Feb 27 19:51:55 GMT 2003

Previously I wrote:

> It appears that name_resolve_bcast() does not find hosts in a workgroup if
> there are only win98 or win95 machines in the workgroup.

The method that's being used for browsing, where a cli_session_request() is
sent to the master browser, does not work if the master browser is a win98
machine.  The win98 machine returns 0x83 (NEGATIVE SESSION RESPONSE).  It does
work if the master browser is a win2000 machine, which returns 0x82 (POSITIVE

What is the proper procedure for browsing for hosts in a workgroup if the
master browser for the workgroup is a win98 machine?  I can brute-force it
with "nmblookup -r -S <WORKGROUP>" which issues node status and various
things.  Is that really the way to do it, and if so, is there a reason that
the smbwrapper code doesn't use that method rather than the
cli_session_request() method?



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