Problem with "nt acl support" when saving Excel or Word Files

Jeff Mandel jeff.mandel at
Thu Feb 27 15:26:48 GMT 2003

Michael Steffens wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> Jeff Mandel wrote:
>> I found this is office 2000 v 9.3821 SR1 (not the latest)
>> We are trying to load the latest office update to see if that fixes 
>> it first. Is anybody experiencing this with samba later than 9.4402 
>> SR1 or on the latest version, whatever that is?
> Would also prefer to find W2k or Office 2000 guilty (would be less work
> for us), but having the vague feeling that it isn't.
> Last weekend I could *very* partially fix the problem for W2k, when
> "force group" is in effect.
> Found in log that uid_entry_in_group() in smbd/posix_acls.c 
> unsuccessfully
> tried to lookup the current UID in the enforced group. I added a test
> for exactly that configuration, and the revokation of owner write 
> permissions
> disappeared.
> But, I do not really understand why it did, and it breaks on every other
> configuration. And with "force group" ACLs are only half of the fun :)
> Furthermore, ACLs of NT4 and WinXP clients end up incorrectly, too.
> Previous owner and group permissions don't get transferred to the new
> file. You can end up with the previous writer getting permissions
> revoked, as the file's group changes to the GID of the last writer
> (with NT4 and W2k, but not with WinXP).
> On the other hand, in debug level 10, create_canon_ace_lists() always 
> logs
> that clients attempt to apply the corresponding allow ACEs. This part 
> does
> work correctly for W2k clients, however.
> Cheers!
> Michael
The office update did not the fix the rights problem. It was quite for a 
week, but now it's back. Hmph. I saw a patch posted here the other day, 
has anyone tested that? Will it be in 2.2.8?


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