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D Jemms d_jemms at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 27 08:47:59 GMT 2003

> Port 445 is
> Microsoft's direct SMB
> over TCP (no NetBIOS in the middle) the preferred
> method for
> Windows 2000 and XP - should be a cleaner way to
> work with, but I do not
> know it well yet...
According to http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=204279
if I disable NetBios over TCP/IP on windows2000,
ideally it whould use port 445 and all SMBs should
come directly over TCP.
But in traces I can see TCP, NBT  and then SMB, for
all the SMBs ???What is wrong here ? can it be
possible to see TCP,SMB in traces without NBT in
between ? If yes,What is the procedure?

Help on this will be highly appreciated.

> Correct me if I had any mistake here.
>   -- Tom
> -- 
>   Tom Alsberg - hacker (being the best description
> fitting this space)
>   Web page:	http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/~alsbergt/
> DISCLAIMER:  The above message does not even
> necessarily represent what
> my fingers have typed on the keyboard, save anything

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