Can't enumerate user list from WinXP -- samba-3.0alpha21

Vich vich at
Tue Feb 25 08:01:18 GMT 2003

Win2k doesn't reply sids set just because WinXP doesn't request
owner and group sids. You can check the "Securify Information"
field of  Win2k packet #201. In Samba3.0 alpha21, I have check
the code. We don't check this field, always return owner and group
sids. I have ever tried to return the same format as Win2k to WinXP,
but it still couldn't enumerate user and group list when I tried to add
new acl entry.

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I don't think the Win2K example needs to look up user info. I wonder if this
is really a correct comparison.

I noticed that the example file being opened on FreeBSD has an owner and
group sid: root.wheel, while the win2k capture shows a file with a zero
offset for the sids, and no sids set. Compare Win2K packet #202 with FreeBSD
packet #274. Either the missing user lookup is not the problem, or if it is,
the problem may be that the Win2K file does not have enough security info on
it to require a lookup.

This needs more characterization.

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