win2000 server, linux client

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Feb 24 00:18:54 GMT 2003

On 21 Feb 2003, Marco Eyzaguirre <25149 at> wrote:

> I have a win2000 domain controller in subnet 172.17.0.x and a linux
> server in 172.17.20.x  (DHCP assign) The DC not solve the ip /
> netbiosname relation ("A" record i think..) like a win98 / NT /2000
> If i "ping" the linux server from outside 172.17.20.x i receive this : 
> ping --> response
> ping dgalinux --> time out (dgalinux is the netbiosname of the linux
> server)
> Is this a problem of samba? i was searching a solution, patch or
> something like that, but i found nothing.. i have Redhat linux 8.0 and
> Samba 2.2.5

No, this is probably a routing or networking problem, not a Samba
problem.  Please try asking in a Linux support group -- you can
probably find a Spanish language one.


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