[PATCH] fix sid_to_uid() return correct sidtype

Michael Steffens michael.steffens at hp.com
Fri Feb 21 06:05:21 GMT 2003

Hi Jeremy,

jra at dp.samba.org wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 01:20:14PM +0100, Michael Steffens wrote:
>>Hmm, I'm not sure whether the speed gain for local lookups outweighs
>>the costs of having them wipe winbind SID mapping cache entries.
>>The latter ones look more expensive to me.
> Hmmm. True, but the local lookups could be going via NIS or another
> method to a remote server.

Had not taken NIS into account. Good point.

> I also reduced the cache size to 10.

Actually 100 :)

> Can
> you test the code in you environment and see if it still gives the
> speedup you noticed.

I did on a test machine, already during the testing of
W2k and XP office apps use of ACLs. Caching did fine.
(ACLs did not.) I don't expect the cache behaviour to
be much different on the production box. Both don't have
NIS, do not act as DCs, and share user management is
almost pure winbind driven. (I'm a little winbind biased :)

> If not I'll remove the local caching code.

I was wrong and you convinced me!


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