3.0 commit policy?

jra at dp.samba.org jra at dp.samba.org
Thu Feb 20 00:48:54 GMT 2003

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 11:46:35AM +1100, Martin Pool wrote:
> What is the commit policy for 3.0?  Should all changes be moved from
> HEAD except ones that are explicitly too risky?  Or only bug fixes?
> What about documentation?

Use common sense :-). If it's a new/risky feature - add to HEAD only
and wait. If it's a bugfix, then it needs to be in both. Remember we're
trying to get to 3.0 stable release, but there are still some more
features we need before we're "feature complete" in 3.0. Jerry the
releasemeister can tell us more :-).

Jeremy (who is very glad he's no longer doing that job :-)

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