Samba and PPP

Steve Williams swilliams at
Wed Feb 19 17:35:16 GMT 2003


I have played with this before.  I did finally get it to work, but along 
the way there are a few stumbling blocks.

I believe that Samba will only bind to interfaces that are "UP" at the 
time of Samba starting.  Tyically with PPP, the interface (ppp0) will 
not be available (up) until a PPP link is established.

Have you tried establishing your PPP link BEFORE starting Samba?  I know 
that this is not good, but I seem to remember that I had this problem 
(though it was under AIX).


Pavel Fedin wrote:

> Hi, Ulf Bertilsson! On 19-Feb-03, you wrote:
>UB>> ppp0: 
>UB>>         inet --> netmask FFFFFFFF 
>UB>>         Hardware type: PPP
>UB>> Use "ifconfig -h" for usage.
>UB>> 16.System:> 
>UB>>  --- cut ---
>UB>>  PC has IP
>UB>>  When i try to specify a (FFFFFFFC) netmask 
>UB>> for ppp0, Samba
>UB>> adds ppp0 to the list of interfaces, but the interface just 
>UB>> does not pass
>UB>> broadcasts.
>UB>>  What's wrong? How to solve my problem?
>UB> Pavel,
>UB> I had this running on my A1200 some years ago.
>UB> I think you could solve this problem with simple stuff as adding an
>UB> "lmhost" file spesifying all host in your "lan".
>UB> Broadcast are not in theory needed for operation.
> I know. Broadcasts are not the problem itself. The problem is that Samba
>does not bind to ppp0 at all, it completely ignores this interface. This
>causes it to be impossible to connect to the Samba server from PC side.
> I write about it here because i think it is not Amiga-specific problem.
>I've tried to list through the Samba docs, and there are some notes meaning
>that Samba can be used on PPP links. But there are no words about the
>setting up the things there.
>UB> Are you sure your nmbd is running fine.
> Of couse it does. My Amiga is connected also to a LAN via CNet card. And i
>work perfectly in LAN.
>UB> The old versions (on aminet) have some issues.
>UB> Try get the newest gcc based ports by Olaf (2.2.5 available also), nmbd
>UB> is more stable here.
> I'll try to.
> Kind regards.

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