Samba and PPP

Pavel Fedin sonic_amiga at
Wed Feb 19 17:17:57 GMT 2003

 Hi, Ulf Bertilsson! On 19-Feb-03, you wrote:

UB>> ppp0: 
UB>>         inet --> netmask FFFFFFFF 
UB>>         Hardware type: PPP
UB>> Use "ifconfig -h" for usage.
UB>> 16.System:> 
UB>>  --- cut ---
UB>>  PC has IP
UB>>  When i try to specify a (FFFFFFFC) netmask 
UB>> for ppp0, Samba
UB>> adds ppp0 to the list of interfaces, but the interface just 
UB>> does not pass
UB>> broadcasts.
UB>>  What's wrong? How to solve my problem?
UB> Pavel,
UB> I had this running on my A1200 some years ago.
UB> I think you could solve this problem with simple stuff as adding an
UB> "lmhost" file spesifying all host in your "lan".
UB> Broadcast are not in theory needed for operation.

 I know. Broadcasts are not the problem itself. The problem is that Samba
does not bind to ppp0 at all, it completely ignores this interface. This
causes it to be impossible to connect to the Samba server from PC side.
 I write about it here because i think it is not Amiga-specific problem.
I've tried to list through the Samba docs, and there are some notes meaning
that Samba can be used on PPP links. But there are no words about the
setting up the things there.

UB> Are you sure your nmbd is running fine.

 Of couse it does. My Amiga is connected also to a LAN via CNet card. And i
work perfectly in LAN.

UB> The old versions (on aminet) have some issues.
UB> Try get the newest gcc based ports by Olaf (2.2.5 available also), nmbd
UB> is more stable here.

 I'll try to.

 Kind regards.

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