XP can't enumerate user info.

Vich vich at synology.com
Tue Feb 18 08:35:19 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I have installed Samba 3.0 alpha 21 on my FreeBSD for a long time. I enable ACL and it works fine when I connect from Win2k client. I can add and delete acl entry. Recently, I use WinXP to connect to my server. When I try to add new ACL entry, I get a popup message to ask username/password pair. After I type it, I get nothing. No server user and group list on text box, only those default entries.

I use Ethereal to get some packets and find that WinXP doesn't send any samr request to my server. Why?

Best regards,

Vic Hsu
vich at synology.com
886-2-25521814 ext. 827
Synology Inc.

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