interesting fact about StrCaseCmp

Martin Pool mbp at
Tue Feb 18 04:23:40 GMT 2003

On 18 Feb 2003, jra at wrote:

> What exactly do you want to do here ? I'm not clear what
> you mean?

The thing I noticed is that StrCaseCmp (and indeed many charcnv
function) truncate strings to 1024 characters.  

I got here following a Valgrind assertion which may or may not be
related, but it certainly seems like a bug.

What I was proposing in the first instance was to use talloced or
malloced buffers rather than a fixed 1024 byte space.  There are
already some charcnv routines that do this and in any case it is
straightforward to do it for other cases using the standard
measure-allocate-copy method.

Andrew expressed concern that allocating buffers would be inefficient,
but these functions are already extremely inefficient so I don't think
an extra malloc would matter.

In fact, it's worse, because unix_strupper (for example) uses a
1024-*byte* buffer to hold a UCS2 string.  I don't think it will
overflow, but it will truncate any strings that pass through down to
512 characters.  It's not so hard to imagine a 512-character string.

Basically I just wanted to push on with moving away from
pstrings/fstrings, which I understood from Andrew & Tim to be the
current direction.


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