Detecting true64

Martin Pool mbp at
Mon Feb 17 23:23:26 GMT 2003

On 17 Feb 2003, jra at wrote:
> Does anyone know how to detect a truu64 system in ?
> I'm going through my patchlist and there is a big optimisation that
> can be done on systems where the getgrnam() call works (True64 is
> listed as the only broken system) and I'd like to add this to
> all branches by adding a BROKEN_GETGRNAM define for True64.

Note that it really is "Tru64".  I guess misspelling makes it more

config.guess should detect a hostname of something like 


See e.g. should call AC_CANONICAL_HOST, and then examine $host_os,
probably with something like

 case "$host_os" in

The config.guess is actually quite old compared to the current GNU
distribution, so I might update that in HEAD and 3_0.  This might
improve correctness or robustness in detecting some platforms.


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